HUS Kiosk

TeamUltim case study: HUS Kiosk


School kiosk


approx. 70 employees

How did you schedule your staff before TeamUltim?

In the past, the shifts were planned centrally by a mini-jobber using Excel and communicated via email. This was very time consuming as there were always adjustments/changes.

How much time was needed to create a schedule?
Several hours / week (5-7h).

How comfortable was the whole thing for your staff?
Not very comfortable, as the Excel plan was actually already “out of date” after it was sent out and therefore had to be resent again several times a week.

How involved was your team in the planning process?
There were staff members who always worked the same shift, so this was easy, but many shifts were always newly filled and we had many “jumpers” who came in at rather short notice.
This then made up the bulk of the work, as the planner always had to work this in again.

What challenges do you encounter when planning shifts?
The main problem is that we now unfortunately only have a few “fixed” shifts per week, i.e. they are always filled by the same helpers/teams. We need 7 volunteers per day, of which max. 3-4 sign up regularly in advance. The rest have to be filled at short notice.

To what extent have your internal processes changed since you switched to TeamUltim?

Do you need less/more time for planning tasks?
Very much less time… maybe 1 hour per week, as most helpers now sign themselves in. Also, setting up new team members is very easy and works smoothly.

Do you need less/more effort to create a perfect plan?
Due to the very simple and intuitive functions to create shifts and then copy them weekly etc., this can be done very quickly for several weeks / months.

What does your team think about using TeamUltim for staff scheduling?
Apart from minor problems after the changeover (scheduling via smartphone), I only get positive feedback.

Are there any other advantages you can mention about using TeamUltim?
All in all, the tool is quite streamlined and enables shift managers to plan and schedule shifts very efficiently. Especially on the PC, the operation is very comfortable and clear. A very big plus point is also the help provided by the support team. We were always helped very quickly and competently.

Would you recommend others to use TeamUltim and why?

I can absolutely recommend TeamUltim. The advantages in team and shift planning / administration are enormous. Especially the option for employees to enter their own shifts (“Open shifts”) is worth its weight in gold. This saves a lot of time and the shift planner/shift manager can concentrate on filling the gaps. This should be even more important in a company that, unlike us, only employs paid staff. In terms of price, TeamUltim is also very attractive compared to large competitors, as they usually have to pay quite a high amount per employee per month.