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TeamUltim is a web app for personnel management and shift scheduling, which perfectly fits the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in retail, catering, sports, hospitality and professional services.

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You should do your thing, not all things at once.

Leading a business is an exciting and very demanding excercise. One has to take care of product, service, customers but also personnel, logistics, suppliers and subcontractors, cashflow, finance, taxes. There is no magic recipe to make all of these things work flawlessly however getting most of them right is a good foundation for building a strong business.

With TeamUltim you will be able to take good care of your team. From personnel management to work schedule to vacation and absences management – we got it covered.

You have more time to focus on other aspects of your business while your greatest asset, your team, is all set and go.

Focused on your team.

Make the most of your business setup: plan across locations, get daily, weekly and monthly views from different perspectives – and involve your team in the process.

Humans, not resources.

Planning, reporting and delegating – we do all of this. Plan the workload considering everyone’s personal preferences, generate extensive reports or delegate some or all of the administration to the best of your team.

Everyone considered.

Someone got sick? Need to plan vacation timings? Or send someone for training? There is nothing to worry about now: your team will be able to manage swap requests and vacations on their own, keeping everyone in the loop.

See the big picture.

A bird’s eye view is always helpful. With our pragmatic and beautifully crafted reporting tools you will have as much or as little detail on your team performance as you desire.

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