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Reports and analytics

You don't have to guess anymore.

TeamUltim comes with analytical tools to help you evaluate your past decisions and organize your team more efficiently in the future.

Our reporting tools make the most of the data available so that you have the complete picture of your business.
And they look beautiful.

You never work alone.

TeamUltim provides you with essentials tools for team scheduling, personnel management and reporting.
We help you to make the best of your team and take your business to another level.

TeamUltim Tools
PlanningWorking schedules? Done across locations and for the whole team.
SwapsLet no surprises get out of hand.
Time offEmployees can request vacations, sick leaves, etc. themselves.
ReportsWe keep the score, you get the results.

Our reporting tools.

Shift report

With the wide array of filters you will be able to see exactly how your scheduling has been in the past and for the future. Get as detailed as you need and see it displayed in nine different ways.

Absence evaluation

See who, how often and why they have been absent in the past and if there is a pattern you need to consider for future planning. Upcoming vacations are also included in this report, so you’re not left in the dark.

Swap request analysis

As with the absence evaluation, see how often, why, when and who has requested a shift swap – and if it actually has been swapped with someone.

Reports “to go”

Archiving, discussing offline or using it for monthly pay-offs – whatever the reason, you can export and save all the reports as a PDF or an Excel file with just one click.

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