Let your team play along.


95% of your team

will open our app on a mobile device. A few will have no smartphone as they prefer to stay off the grid – so they will only have an email. Some of them will constantly change their smartphones.

And yet, all of them will be able to see their schedules, plan their vacations and help those needing to swap a shift. Magic!

Your personnel questions – answered.

TeamUltim provides you with essentials tools for team scheduling, personnel management and reporting.
We help you to make the best of your team and take your business to another level.

TeamUltim Tools
PlanningWorking schedules? Done across locations and for the whole team.
SwapsLet no surprises get out of hand.
Time offEmployees can request vacations, sick leaves, etc. themselves.
ReportsWe keep the score, you get the results.

From our team toolbox.

Business value

Absence leave management

Sick leave, training, vacations or just a private appointment – your team and the shift administrators have the tools to make sure all planned absences are kept in sync with your business. The relevant days are marked separately.

Business Value

Shift swaps

Your team can swap shifts easily and without fuss – as long as you agree.

User Experience

Sprechen Sie English?

Our app does many things right – and it speaks many languages. Every user of our app can select the language he or she feels most comfortable with. For now we offer English, German, French, Czech and Russian. Other languages are coming soon.


No installations

TeamUltim is ready to go instantly – no app download is required. It also works with every device – from a PC to a tablet and a smartphone – and feels familiar from the get go.

Outlook sync Google sync Apple sync
Helpful feature

Fully synchronized

Your team can bring their rota plan to the calendar app of their choice. Be it Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook – with a couple of clicks each one will have his or her shift plan where the rest of life happens to take place.

I like the app a lot because one can access the working schedule either online at any moment or will be informed of the changes per email. This way one is always up-to-date about one’s own shift plan.

Joeline L.

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