TeamUltim case study: CareFreaks Covid Test Center


Test center


approx. 45 employees

How did you schedule your staff before TeamUltim?

In the past, we used Excel spreadsheets.

How much time was needed to create a schedule?
2-8 hours for the initial plan, then at least as much time to make corrections and changes.

How comfortable was the whole process for your staff?
Not very comfortable, as it required very close scrutiny to ensure that no mistakes were made.

How involved was your team in the planning process?
The employees could only express what they wanted to change afterwards. This meant that they had to recheck the schedule and plan again and again.

To what extent have your internal processes changed since you switched to TeamUltim?

Do you need less/more time and effort for planning tasks?
It definitely requires less time, as you can directly enter shifts for larger periods at once. Corrections and adjustments are easier, so it is less effort.

What does your team think about using TeamUltim for staff scheduling?
The team is happy to be able to look at the current schedule at any time via the mobile solution.

Are there any other advantages you can mention about using TeamUltim?
We are very satisfied because it is an extraordinarily tidy tool that gives the shift supervisor and also the entire team great possibilities for duty scheduling. What is particularly noteworthy is the ease of adding new locations and employees, as well as the extensive reporting system.

Would you recommend others to use TeamUltim and why?

All things considered, it is of excellent value for the price!