As easy as any calendar.

No other shift planner is as straightforward and easy to handle.


Switch instantly between location and team view
See the shift plan from different perspectives

Month, week, day or a list view
Get as much detail as you need

Define the team for every location
Drag a name onto a day to kickstart the plan

Define a color for each employee
Now even a busy schedule has an instantly recognizable team

Add day notes with different sharing options
Keep everyone involved in the loop

Define opening hours and special schedules
Instantly see the location’s modus operandi

Copy, move, assign shifts quicker
For one shift or the whole day

Smarter than any pen or pencil.

This is our shift planner – and your new best friend.

Shift planner
Select the date, employee and the locationDepending on the context some of those will be preselected for you
Assign a work areaDefine the responsibility scope right here, if needed
Set day schedule, time-off and daysOr predefine them in an employee’s profile if they don’t change too often
Define minimum and maximum availabilityNow you can instantly see the work balance when planning
Set daily, weekly, monthly shiftsClick less, do more

Be it one or multiple locations, be it a small or large crew – our shift editor makes scheduling an easy task. With real-time display of man-hours you are able to schedule shifts for one day or for a specific period in the future. Your team will be notified per email and can check out their schedule any time via the app itself.

All you need in one click.

User interface

Switch the view

Instantly switch between Location and Employee view – see the schedules from multiple perspectives.

User Interface

Click or drag&drop

Add your shifts with just drag&drop – as easy, as you know it. Or you can just click the button and start planing.

Helpful feature

Track time as you type

Another instant helper – see how many man-hours are being assigned to the shift as you type. Or take a look at the planed shifts and see how much workforce is alreay planed.

User Interface

Predefine your needs

Jump start every plan with predefined constraints (or helpers) for an employee – from preferred start and end times to minimum and maximum work time on a day, week or month basis (very handy for part-time staff).

Helpful feature

Plan without hassle

Take your time to plan out the schedule, make as many changes as you need. Your team will only see the schedule when you publish it.

User interface

Color coded

A big helper for busy schedules: colors, in the right place. Define a color for every employee to easily spot them in the schedule.

Business Value

Single or multiple locations

Do you manage multiple locations for your business? Great! You can manage every location with a dedicated team or share your employees across them.

Helpful feature

As flexible as your business

Your business hours are late, going well into the night? Or maybe your business is open only in the morning and then in the evening? You can set flexible business hours and add exceptions to them – for any of your locations.

Get shift done.

TeamUltim provides you with essentials tools for team scheduling, personnel management and reporting.
We help you to make the best of your team and take your business to another level.

TeamUltim Workforce Suite
Scheduling Working schedules? Done across locations and for the whole team.
Attendance Timesheets, approvals and reporting from the same source
Payroll Monthly salary or an hourly wage, with or without bonus for whom it may concern
The essentials tools for the friendly management of your team

Let your team play along.


95% of your team

will open our app on a mobile device. A few will have no smartphone as they prefer to stay off the grid – so they will only have an email. Some of them will constantly change their smartphones.

And yet, all of them will be able to see their schedules, plan their vacations and help those needing to swap a shift. Magic!

From our team toolbox.

Business Value

Shift swaps

Your team can swap shifts easily and without fuss – as long as you agree.

User Experience

Sprechen Sie English?

Our app does many things right – and it speaks many languages. Every user of our app can select the language he or she feels most comfortable with. For now we offer English, German, French, Czech and Russian. Other languages are coming soon.


No installations

TeamUltim is ready to go instantly – no app download is required. It also works with every device – from a PC to a tablet and a smartphone – and feels familiar from the get go.

Google sync Apple sync Outlook sync
Helpful feature

Fully synchronized

Your team can bring their rota plan to the calendar app of their choice. Be it Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook – with a couple of clicks each one will have his or her shift plan where the rest of life happens to take place.

Never used a digital shift planner before. So much easier and more comfortable to use than handwritten plans. My favorite is the option to synchronize with Apple calendars. This way you can just put a widget on the homescreen and check your shifts even easier.

Kevin R.