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Is work-life balance a myth... Blog @ TeamUltim

Is work-life balance a myth?

The conversation surrounding work-life balance is constantly growing. Even more so with an increase in new modern workforce trends such as remote work and the possibility of a shorter workweek. But what exactly is work-life balance? Think of it like a seesaw.

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Playing Favourites... Blog @ TeamUltim
Playing Favourites — Bias in the workplace

Does your colleague get better treatment from the manager? Do you see opportunities going to certain employees based on their personal bonds and relationships rather than merit? These are all examples of favouritism in the workplace. Favouritism, although inevitable, as it is something often done unconsciously, can have disastrous effects on other workers and the business itself.

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Are Remote Jobs The Future... Blog @ TeamUltim
Are Remote Jobs The Future?

Is full-time office work officially dead? The modern workforce is constantly evolving, with new trends ranging from the idea of a shorter workweek to the use of more A.I technology in the workplace and even the concept of remote work.

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Is the standard workweek changing... Blog @ TeamUltim
Is the standard workweek changing?

The modern workplace is constantly evolving, and work-life balance is becoming more difficult to maintain. Workplaces are always in search of new innovative ways to increase business productivity while also considering other crucial factors such as: their employees’ mental health, a positive corporate culture and how to achieve a better work-life balance.

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What makes an effective Team... Blog @ TeamUltim
What makes an effective Team

Leaders, managers, employees, all have one thing in common. They’re all part of a team.

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The importance of shift planning... Blog @ TeamUltim
The importance of shift planning during the festive season

The Christmas season is indisputably the busiest time of the year. It can become quickly overwhelming for certain businesses, especially those in retail, catering and hospitality. You will need your team to be more available than usual to satisfy the frenetic demands of customers. This is where shift planning comes in.

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The jobs we take for granted... Blog @ TeamUltim
The jobs we take for granted

In a world full of constant distractions, we tend to forget the importance of certain jobs. The jobs kids don’t think about when someone asks them what they want to be. The jobs people abandon their passion to do because our society demands more money to be able to survive. Or the jobs that aren’t valued enough but their absence would leave a big void in our world and make it uninhabitable. The jobs we take for granted.

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Are you bored or burned out... Blog @ TeamUltim
Are you bored or burned out?

Are you bored or burned out? Chances are if you clicked this article, you’re most likely one of the two.

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Tribalism in the workplace... Blog @ TeamUltim
Tribalism in the workplace

The Greek Philosopher Aristotle affirmed that “Man is a social animal.” Like it or not, this is true. A weakened sense of belonging is kryptonite to human beings. Humans were not made for a life of solitude. It’s just not transcribed in our DNA. The pandemic has highlighted this more so than ever.

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The name is... Blog @ TeamUltim
The name is…

Coming up with a name for anything is not a trivial task. As a father of two, I know for myself that picking a name for your child is an exciting endeavour — and yet it takes quite some time, effort, research and diplomacy.

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What your business can learn from... Blog @ TeamUltim
What your business can learn from Squid Game

This year one of the most talked about subjects is undeniably Squid Game. The record breaking South Korean series has undoubtedly become a household name. The hit show consists of 456 individuals risking their lives playing childhood games to win a great sum of cash in order to pay off their debts.

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How To Stay Motivated When Business... Blog @ TeamUltim
How To Stay Motivated When Business is Slow

Businesses all face different seasons. Sometimes there is an influx of customers and things may become overwhelming. Then there are times when businesses face dry spells which can dissuade entrepreneurs from continuing to pursue their goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day and running a business definitely has its ups and downs. When business is slow, focus on staying motivated.

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Why your employees don’t... Blog @ TeamUltim
Why your employees don’t listen to you

Chances are, if you’ve ever been in a managerial position, you’ve often wondered if your employees are deaf. You’ve made their tasks clear, you’ve repeated yourself several times and yet somehow the work still isn’t being done. Managing a group of employees is already a stressful task as you often have to deal with strong personalities, differing opinions, bad attitudes, etc.

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The Art of Delegation... Blog @ TeamUltim
The Art of Delegation

When you think of a great leader, what qualities come to mind? A leader is someone who exudes confidence, has a vision, great listening skills and the list goes on and on. Above all, a leader is someone who can assign tasks and responsibilities to their team without micromanaging or coming across as a bully. This simple yet crucial aspect of leadership can make or break a business.

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Why QR codes should be on... Blog @ TeamUltim
Why QR codes should be on your business’ 2020 to-do list

There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized the restaurant industry. Today, there are food delivery apps, online apps to leave reviews based on your experiences and even QR code menus are making a comeback. 2020 has been a year full of never ending surprises, the pandemic being the greatest shock of all.

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Dealing with a crisis in the workplace... Blog @ TemaUltim
Dealing with a crisis in the workplace

When we are put in unexpected situations, our body triggers a fight-or-flight response. This is your nervous system’s way of providing your body with enough energy to get out of danger. Imagine, you are crossing the street when a vehicle suddenly comes speeding towards you. Your body’s fight-or-flight- response causes you to do one of two things: you either move out of harm’s way and save your life or you FREEZE and you get hit. This same rule applies when something unpredictable comes up during your day and disturbs your schedule.

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Technology: The real saviour of the pandemic... Blog @ TeamUltim
Technology: The real saviour of the pandemic

2020 has triggered the inevitable discussion of several topics but one topic that still seems to be ignored is technology, but more specifically, how technology has revolutionized restaurant hospitality. Due to the pandemic, many sectors faced economic difficulties. Thousands of people have been fired or have faced drastic wage cuts and many small businesses have been forced to close down. However, the food service industry, with the help of technology, is still somewhat thriving… and this is why.

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Adapting to multiculturalism in the workplace... Blog @ TeamUltim
Adapting to multiculturalism in the workplace

If you google the definition of the workplace, the search results would most likely say a place where people work. Jeez, thanks Captain Obvious. It’s not very shocking that such a term would have such a bland definition but it certainly raises the following questions.

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Enthusiasm or experience — which one... Blog @ TeamUltim
Enthusiasm or experience — which one would you pick?

Talent seems to be a global currency when it comes to the hiring process. As an interviewer you are looking for talents that would make your company thrive and as a candidate you are trying to show that you possess the skills needed for the job. In terms of career, talent is seen as a holy grail that opens a lot of doors.

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How Covid-19 highlighted the world’s most... Blog @ TeamUltim
How Covid-19 highlighted the world’s most overlooked job.

Do you remember the first time you were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You were probably five years old, some of you may have been older, others younger. You probably couldn’t even tell your left from your right yet some adult saw your cute snotty nose and your wide promising eyes and decided you were mature enough to know what you want to do with the rest of your life.

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Is teamwork better than working... Blog @ TeamUltim
Is teamwork better than working individually?

As Millenials and Gen Z workers take the reins, the traditional, top-down structure of the workplace has been smooshed down and made more team-centric. Over the past decade, individual offices have been replaced with open-plan, collaborative spaces; teamwork and open-collaboration are valued over simply executing orders; team management and collaboration apps are increasingly popular.

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Can lazy colleagues influence your... Blog @ TeamUltim
Can lazy colleagues influence your motivation? Yes, they can and they will.

We are often told not to mix our emotions with business, but when you have a co-worker that doesn’t pull their weight, is this possible? Chances are, if you’ve ever worked a day in your life then you’ve most likely experienced a lazy co-worker.

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