Resources for solid decision-making

Here you will find practices and references to help you decide how you can use TeamUltim and also a couple of quick guides for uncomplicated but routine tasks.

Case studies

A selection of customer case studies that help you understand how using TeamUltim app has changed their HR scheduling workflows and which benefits these changes have brought along.

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Here we have listed some of the industries – but definitely not all of them! – where TeamUltim could be a good choice for HR scheduling and tracking time and attendance.

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Work/Place Blog

We regularly and openly reflect on the subjects of people at the workplace, their interactions, obstacles, best practices and everything in between. We encourage our readers to discuss these thoughts with us, too.

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Excel templates

Here we share some basic templates for shift scheduling and time tracking – for those cases when you need a quick solution for a burning problem. They are free to download and modify.

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Business days guides

Want to know how many business days there are in a month? We have used our holidays database to calculate it for you.

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