Easy come, easy go.

Easy _come,_ easy _go._

Tracking employee attendance shouldn’t be a drag. Our time tracking feature is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to validate. It includes time tracking on mobile devices and at terminals, as well as automatic creation of timesheets.

Attendance tracking and timesheets

Feature overview

Attendance tracking and timesheets

Straightforward setup.

Straightforward setup.

Our app is known for being easy to use. It doesn’t have to be any different for the time tracking module, even if you have to adapt its settings to your company’s processes.

Rounding rules

Separate rules for rounding the start and end of shifts as well as work breaks

Strictly according to schedule

or a little more flexible - decide on check-in rules according to your plans

Allow entries editing

if they are incorrect - or don't allow it at all

Stationary or mobile.

Stationary or mobile.

No matter how many locations you operate, stationary terminals (e.g. on an iPad) can be set up without restrictions. Don’t need terminals? You can also check in and out with our web app.


auto-sync with the actual schedule

Speaking the language

that everyone decides for themselves

Mobile check-in

with one click - it couldn't be easier and safer

Overview in real-time,<br>reports – anytime.

Overview in real-time,
reports – anytime.

A daily overview of ongoing check-ins is just a click away. In addition, timesheet report is also included in this module and can be exported to Excel/PDF.

Progress tracked

in real time, so everyone knows where they stand

Late check-ins

and overtime are marked separately

Create reports

for the whole team or for individual employees

Frequent questions

Can I use the time tracking module with the free version of the app?

Yes, the module can be booked independently of the main licence - whether Essential (free) or Professional.

How do I set up a terminal? What are the prerequisites?

To setup a terminal, you’d need a tablet (like iPad or anything similar) and an internet connection. There is no need to install any special software.
First, you add a terminal in the TeamUltim app. Then you open a browser on the tablet, go to the provider address and enter the credentials you’ve just created. That’s it.

How many terminals can I set up? Is there a limit to that?

You can set up as many terminals as you need. We even recommend setting up as many as you can (say, for the front and the back door of a restaurant), so your employees don’t lose time checking in and out. The only limit is the number of devices you can afford to use as terminals.

How many employees can use the time tracking feature? Do I have to pay for every employee?

We only charge for the module itself and not for the number of people using it. So all of your employees registered with TeamUltim app can also use the time tracking and timesheets module. Fair and square.