Make your team time count.

Automate the routine: set your team compensations, including bonuses, setup a schedule in couple of clicks and get the precise automated report on the payroll.

Make your team time _count._

Preparatory payrolls and compensations

Payments diversity.

Payments diversity.

Depending on your team setup, job contracts, state requirements and multitude of other factors you would need different types of salaries, wages and bonuses. With TeamUltim you can set it all up easily.

Salaries and wages

on an hourly, monthly or yearly payment basis – choose one to start with, switch to a different one later

Custom bonuses

and other compensations - add as many supplementary payments as you need

Kept private

for everyone except for business administrators – we protect sensitive information within your company

Schedule your inner accountant.

Schedule your inner accountant.

Most of the solutions offer one schedule for all the payments. With TeamUltim you can setup multiple concurrent schedules for different payment types, team members or business locations.

By your rhythm

and on your frequency – choose from a weekly, bi-weekly, four-weekly and monthly schedules

Include and filter out

payments by type, employee and location – or run a schedule for all of them

Separate schedules

to match your requirements and reporting – by type, employee and location

Report, settle, replay.

Report, settle, replay.

Reports can be explored in detail by employee and payment type. A settled report will keep the data unchanged so you can use it for consistent references.

Auto-generated reports

follow the schedule, so you don't have to


scheduled payments by employees, tags and payment types; regenerate report with one click


to editable or read only spreadsheets (as a PDF) so you can work with it further or archive it

Everything you need to manage, schedule, pay and analyse your workforce.

TeamUltim provides you with essentials tools for team scheduling, personnel management and reporting.
We help you to make the best of your team and take your business to another level.

TeamUltim Workforce Suite
Scheduling Working schedules? Done across locations and for the whole team.
Attendance Timesheets, approvals and reporting from the same source
Payroll Monthly salary or an hourly wage, with or without bonus for whom it may concern
The essentials tools for the friendly management of your team