Digital shift plans for professional teams.

Small and medium-sized businesses in the retail, catering, service and hospitality industries use TeamUltim to quickly design their rosters online and distribute them to employees.

Team scheduling and personnel management done right.
Life changes quickly - and so does your staff roster.
Life changes quickly - and so does your staff roster.

From managing core HR data to scheduling, from tracking attendance to managing absences and vacations, from hourly wages to supplementary pays – here is a complete set of tools to easily setup, distribute and manage workload for your professional team.

Focused on your team.

Focused on your team.

Make the most of your business setup: plan across locations, get daily, weekly and monthly views from different perspectives – and involve your team in the process.

Preferred days

and availability for days, weeks or months

Rights and access control

to correctly delegate tasks

Open shifts

to engage your team

Humans, not resources.

Humans, not resources.

Planning, reporting and delegating – we do all of this. Plan the workload considering everyone’s personal preferences, generate extensive reports or delegate some or all of the administrative work to the best of your team.


user interface, each user has its own


assigned to each employee


to group and filter users and locations

Everyone considered.

Everyone considered.

Someone got sick? Need to plan vacation time? Or send someone for training? There is nothing to worry about now: your team will be able to manage swap requests and vacations on their own, keeping everyone in the loop.

Conflicts check

to stay compliant to local laws


to avoid routine

Public holidays and team birthdays

with three weeks' notice

Epic shift planning app! Easy to use, absolute control and many options. Beautiful interface and great customer support! Totally worth it!

Till B.