TeamUltim case study: Brühmarkt


Retail & Catering


approx. 15 employees

How did you schedule your staff before TeamUltim? What challenges did you face when planning your work schedule?

Staff scheduling was always a stressful subject, a task that took quite a lot of time.

Initially, we used self-generated Excel spreadsheets. After questioning the possible changes in the weekly plans of the staff, an outline was drawn up and then, taking into account all the various additional points that needed to be remembered, a shift schedule was drawn up and sent to all the staff by email.

If there were any changes during the month, which was not uncommon, it was necessary to correct the initial data and resend the tables. All of this was quite inconvenient and time-consuming.

How much have your internal processes changed since switching to TeamUltim?

The processes have changed dramatically for the better since TeamUltim. The app itself is very easy to use and takes into account a lot of necessary factors. A shift schedule is easy to deploy and change and the whole process is time efficient. New data is immediately available to everyone in the team and always online, which is very convenient for employees and eliminates the risk of not getting the latest changes.

Would you recommend TeamUltim to other companies and why?

I would highly recommend Teamultim to companies that have to spend a lot of time planning and rescheduling. The software is very easy to use, saves a lot of time and you and your employees are always online with up-to-date data.