TeamUltim case study: TimeCity




approx. 40 employees

How did you schedule your staff before TeamUltim? What challenges did you face when planning your work schedule?

Before this app was introduced, work schedules were managed in Excel. Each department filled in its own schedule and it took a long time to synchronise them all, as it was done manually.

How much have your internal processes changed since switching to TeamUltim?

First and foremost, it saves time, which is always in short supply! Everything is clearly visible in a single application: who is busy at which branch, who is on leave, who is at work. With online shift swaps there is no need to discuss this issue in person, everything can be managed in the TeamUltim app online for both, the employee and the shift administrator. All schedule changes are visible to the entire team online.

Would you recommend TeamUltim to other companies and why?

Above all, TeamUltim is suitable for companies with several branches. All changes can be made remotely from a desktop, phone or tablet and there is no need for face-to-face meetings, which saves time. The work schedule is sent by e-mail and the employee can always plan their work and rest time in advance. The head of the company always has a smartphone handy which shows everything clearly in real time, because the schedule rarely changes during the month.

We have been using TeamUltim for 1.5 years now and we can safely recommend it to all companies for whom scheduling is still a challenge!

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