Why QR codes should be on your business’ 2020 to-do list

Oct 6, 2020

Why QR codes should be on... Blog @ TeamUltim

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There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized the restaurant industry. Today, there are food delivery apps, online apps to leave reviews based on your experiences and even QR code menus are making a comeback. 2020 has been a year full of never ending surprises, the pandemic being the greatest shock of all.

Many sectors have faced economic hardships due to this current global health crisis, yet the restaurant industry is still somewhat thriving. If you are the owner of a restaurant, café, brasserie, etc and you don’t use QR code menus, this article will show you why you should make the switch today.

What exactly is a QR code menu?

It is a digital menu customers can easily access with their phones. In a nutshell, people simply open the camera app on their phone, scan the boxy square-and-dot filled QR code and the menu immediately appears on their phone’s screen.

Why QR codes should be on your business’ 2020 to-do list

1. Less contact, less fear.

As we face a global pandemic, the brave restaurants and cafés that have reopened their doors, are trying to offer their customers a no-touch, no fear experience. With that being said, digital menus are now à la mode once again. QR code menus were first used in the 1990s but there is now a greater demand for them due to the widespread of COVID-19. QR codes benefit both parties. On one hand, scared yet risk-taking customers can feel more at ease at the thought of less shared surfaces and less touching and on the other hand, QR codes allow businesses a touch-free way to still provide their clientele with the best hospitality possible.

2. Faster payments.

Working in the hospitality industry is no easy job. Waiters/waitresses, bartenders and servers are constantly being called on by customers. This is where QR codes come in handy. QR codes are not only for menus as QR code payments are also possible. Guests can scan the payment recipient’s QR code with their phones and self-checkout. QR code payments offer a safe, no-touch way of paying and once again benefits the staff and the clientele. Employees would feel less stressed out as they won’t be bombarded with people asking to pay and customers can simply leave when they want to as the payment process is quick. These QR code payments can also be added to any restaurant’s takeaway menu.

3. Less pressure.

QR codes allow customers to move at their own pace. How many times have you been to a restaurant or café and felt like you were taking too long to order so you just chose something you usually eat? With QR codes, customers will feel less rushed to place their orders as they would have instant access to the menus on their phones. They can take all the time they need until they are ready. Even when people have finished eating, they can pay when they desire as they can simply self-checkout and leave.

4. Cost effective and business friendly.

QR codes should be every small business’ best friend. Are you feeling tempted to try it yet? The TeamUltim web app provides a fast and effortless way to generate unique QR codes for your business. And even better, no special app is needed to scan the QR codes and it is free. Furthermore, businesses in the restaurant industry can cut advertising costs if they add QR codes to their company’s social media. For example, most people like to have an idea of what a restaurant has to offer before they actually go to the restaurant. It would be very beneficial for a company to add QR codes (which allow potential customers to see the menu beforehand) to their website. QR codes may not be the most visually appealing thing to look at but it’s indispensable to remember that it simply acts as a link to something else. Businesses can design their menu however they please and with the use of a digital menu, they can even add photos of the food, drinks and deserts that they serve, something not often possible with printed menus.

QR codes are definitely not a new addition to the list of things technology has done for us. This feature, once scorned is now being embraced with open arms. 2020 has thrown many hurdles our way but with technology the future is still very bright for the restaurant industry.

This future, however, looks like a box filled with dots and squares.

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